Working Papers - Work in Progress

Research Papers:

Labor Markets:

Wage Cyclicality Revisited: The Role of Hiring Standards (with S. Choi and N. Figueroa) [R&R Review of Economic Studies]

Unpacking the Persistence of Informality [R&R Journal of Labor Research]

Deconstructing Job Search Behavior (with S. Banfi and S. Choi) [Submitted]

Aggregate Implications of Employer Search and Recruiting Selection (CEA WP 272)

What she/he wants in a job (joint with S. Choi) [work in progress]

Measuring occupation demand from job ads (joint with J. Velasquez, F. Vera, R. Ruiz, D. Cornejo, and S. Choi) [work in progress]

Labor Markets, Inequality, and Hiring Selection (with A. Pizzo) [work in progress]

Avoiding Layoffs: On-the-job Search and Partial Insurance (with C. Lizama) [work in progress]

Vintage Capital, Credit Frictions and Labor Market Outcomes (with J. Ledezma) [work in progress]

Labor Market Power and Occupational Choice (with F. Balmaceda) [work in progress]

Wage Dispersion and Recruiting Selection (old version CEA WP 271)  [work in progress]

Hiring Selectivity and Business Cycle Dynamics in the Labor Market [work in progress]

Political Economy / Political Science:

A Spatial Model of Voting with Endogenous Proposals: Theory and Evidence from the Chilean Senate (joint with M. Triossi and P. Valdivieso, CEA WP 294) [Online Appendix here]

Local government investment networks (joint with P. Valdivieso) [work in progress]

Other Topics:

Causal Effects of Maternal Time-Investments on Children's Cognitive Outcomes (joint with C. RĂ­os-Aguilar) (CEA WP 285) [Online Appendix here

(Frisch-Waugh-Lowell)' (joint with D. Clarke and N. Paris) [work in progress]

Published on  September 21st, 2023