New courses (UDP):

Econometrics I (ICO8106): Basic OLS, bivariate, multivariate, inference, qualitative variables, multicollinearity, heteroskedasticity. A bit of identification and IV estimation in several contexts.

Topics in Labor Economics (ICO8892): Undergraduate course covering Walrasian labor markets; search & matching frictions, and online matching platforms. I also cover various policy-relevant topics such as human capital, inequality, minimum wages, hours worked regulations, and unions.

Old courses (DII - U Chile):

Macroeconomics (IN4203) : intermediate course at the undergraduate level for Industrial Engineering major, covering AD-AS framework, labor markets, international macroeconomics, and growth.

Statistics for Economics and Management (IN4402): Undergraduate course covering basic causal estimation and time series analysis.

Macroeconomics (IN703): First half: Dynamic programming, RBC, overlapping generations (E. Dusha). Second half: Complete/incomplete capital markets, consumption, search & matching models (B. Villena).

Growth and Business Cycles (IN7R0): Half-semester master-level course that covers exogenous and endogenous growth and business cycle theories.

Macroeconomics II (IN759): Master-level course that covers growth, business cycles, capital markets, and money.

Labor Macroeconomics (IN7E1):  Half-semester master-level course covering labor search models, including wage dispersion, on-the-job search, and efficiency.

Theory of Public Finance (IN7E2): Half-semester master-level course covering applications of dynamic contracts to public finance issues such as optimal unemployment insurance and optimal taxation.

Published on  October 6th, 2021