I am currently Assistant Professor at the Center for Applied Economics, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Chile.

Contact: benjamin (at)

My current research interests are Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, and Political Economy.

Here you can find my C.V.




Opening the Black Box of Social Capital Formation (joint with P. Valdivieso, Universidad de Los Lagos)  American Political Science Review, 108(1), pp 121-143, February 2014. Working paper version here. Online Appendix here.

Unemployment, Participation, and Worker Flows over the Life Cycle (joint with S. Choi, UA Barcelona; and A.Janiak, Center for Applied Economics, U. of Chile) [Accepted at the Economic Journal ]. Online Appendix here.

Research Papers:

Macroeconomics / Labor Markets:

Aggregate Implications of Employer Search and Recruiting Selection (CEA WP 272, Revise & Resubmit)

Wage Dispersion and Recruiting Selection (CEA WP 271)

Hiring Selectivity and Business Cycle Dynamics in the Labor Market [work in progress]

Self-Employment and Market-Tightness in Chile [work in progress]

Job Destruction, Investment, and Labor Market Composition (with Carlos Lizama) [work in progress]


Children / Family Economics:

Causal Effects of Maternal Time-Investments on Children's Cognitive Outcomes (joint with C. Ríos-Aguilar, Claremont Graduate University) (CEA WP 285) [Online Appendix here] [Submitted]

Does Maternal Time Affect Children's Behavior? A Generalized Family Value-Added Approach [work in progress]


Political Economy / Political Science:

Participation in Organizations, Trust, and Social Capital Formation: Evidence from Chile (joint with P. Valdivieso, Universidad de Los Lagos) . Online Appendix here.

A Spatial Model of Voting with Endogenous Proposals: Theory and Evidence from the Chilean Senate (joint with M. Triossi, Center for Applied Economics; and P. Valdivieso, Universidad de Los Lagos) (CEA WP 294) [Online Appendix here]



Macroeconomics (IN4203) : intermediate course at undergraduate level, for Industrial Engineering major, covering product determination, labor markets, international macroeconomics, and growth

Statistics for Economics and Management (IN4402): Undergraduate course covering linear regression, basic time series analysis, endogeneity, identification, and limited-dependent variable models.

Macroeconomics II (IN759): Master level course that covers growth, business cycles, capital markets, and money.

Labor Macroeconomics (IN7E1): Joint with Alexandre Janiak. Half-semester master-level course covering labor search models, including wage dispersion, on-the-job search, and efficiency.

Theory of Public Finance (IN7E2): Half-semester master-level course covering applications of dynamic contracts to public finance issues such us optimal unemployment insurance and optimal taxation.


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